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performance appraisals phrase book the best words - you ll never struggle with performance appraisals again do you dread writing employee performance evaluations do you struggle for hours to find just the right words of praise avoid repetition and tread the fine line between constructive and criticism performance appraisal phrase book makes, job performance appraisal evaluation tips help page - performance appraisal tips help page is a free help site with general information on performance appraisals and tips for supervisors and managers, amazon com effective phrases for performance appraisals - i have been using this book for many years my son has become a supervisor so i bought the new edition for him this book is great you can use the phrases as they are published you can mix and match the words and you can customize them into long winded sentences, perfect phrases for performance reviews edition 2 by - douglas max is managing director of lr communications a firm that conducts on site seminars in writing and presentation skills robert bacal is the author of managing performance and the complete idiot s guide to consulting undertaking formal performance appraisals is not an activity most managers, managers performance review cheat sheet smartsheet - 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